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Ladakhi matka kava. Ladakh trek itinerary

Matka kava on enam-vähem selles sõnastuses nagu hää Sonam selle meile saatis. The itinerary of our trek is written by Sonam, I made only couple corrections.

- 1. päev. 20. 09. Delhi- Leh flight

0. päev. 21. 09. Acclimatization

1. päev. 22. 09. Leh/Spituk/Zingchen 5 hours. After the breakfast drive to Spituk Bridge behind the Spituk monastery, around 7 kms from Leh town. Arrive Spituk bridge at Indus River and start your trek through flat and desolate plane at the foot of the Stok Mountain. Gradually, you will leave the view of busy Leh-Srinagar highway and move towards wilderness of Himalaya. The Mani wall below Zingchen, trail and gorge gives you a feeling of complete isolation. Overnight in camp.

2. päev. 23.09. Zingchen to Rumbak 4 hours, Leave Zingchen for Rumbak through a straight forward road; leaving village you enters Hemis national park for the preservation of Snow leopard, Baharal and the marmot is and wolf etc. Walk through a narrow trail and valley widens as you arrive Rumbak. Overnight in camp.

3. päev. 24. 09. Rumbak to Yurutse 4 hours, Start you third day trek a couple of local traditional mills for grinding barley and wheat. Arrive Yurutse consist of a few villages. Overnight in camp.

4. päev. 25. 09. Yurutse to Sku 6-7 hours, Walk towards Sku and passing the village you can view a beautiful purple band of rocks and Ganda La pass (4380 mtrs.) from where one can have a spectacular view of Stok Mountains . Arrive Sku after a good walk around 5 hours. Overnight in camp.

5. päev. 26. 09. Sku to Markha 7-8 hours, Sku is comparatively being on a lower altitude it is bit hot in summer. Walk along the Marha River and then throne scrub. On the way passing through, you can have a wonderful view of back down valley. Markha makes beautiful by Kang- Yatse peak (6400 mtrs.) which over shadows the valley. Overnight in camp.

6. päev. 27. 09. Markha to Hanker 5-6 hours, The trail splits as soon as you leave the village walk through a steep cliff. After double-crossing the river you can view a Gonpa up to the left. Arrive Thachungtse after a lovely walk through Umlung. Overnight in camp.

7. päev. 28. 09. Hanker to Maley, 5 to 6 hours walking. An early breakfast to avoid high water in the afternoon we start our trek with some other trekkers of Markha valley. 2 or 3 hours walking after there will be two different valleys; the left valley goes to Nimalaing of Markha trek. Our right valley continues to our next camp through some water to cross the beautiful quite camp Maley.

8. päev. 29. 09. Maley to Tsokra other side of Zalungkarpo La (pass 5194 mts) 7 to 8 hours. The silence wild valley along with the langtang chhu goes easy and wilderness walks. Very much possible to see some wild animals as Barrel, Antelope, Ibex, Blue ship, Wild rabbit and Fox etc. after 3 hours easy walking we start our climbing of Zalung Karpo la of 5194 mts but easy and long climbing. From the top enjoy the beautiful view of Kharnak avlley. A steep descending to be at our camp.

9. päev. 30. 09. Tsokra to Dat 5 to 6 hours, This easy day can be make a refresh day. The stream goes down along with till the Rocky and forest junction and goes to Zansker vally. Our left valley with high rocky mountain where we will cross a very clean and warm spring mineral stream coming from Dat. It is meant to be very good for health to bath. One can enjoy the swimming. After 3 hours easy walking we will reach Dat village of Kharnak Nomads in winter.

10. päev. 1. 10. Dat to Lungmochhe via Yarla (pass 4825 mts). 5 to 6 hours. Today we are crossing a cold dessert and we may see some (Kyang) wild ass and a easy pass Yarla of 4825 mts. From top a panoramic view of Rupsho valley. A gentle descending will be for our camp. Some times its very windy here.

11. päev. 2. 10. Lungmochhe to Spangchhen where the nomad people live, 5 to 6 hours. The two different paths go down and right to go Barandi Nallah than to Manali. Our left path going with meeting some shepherd to complete Rupsho valley. Afternoon we are entering a right valley to join Nomad where we will camp.

12. päev. 3. 10. A free and rest day at Spangchhen to explore the way of nomad life and their culture with daily life.

13. päev. 4. 10. Spangchhen to Punganagu 7 to 8 hours. Today again we are crossing a big dessert but easy walking with beautiful landscape, and cross Leh Manali highway than to enter to the right valley to camp at Punga Nagu.

14. päev. 5. 10. Punga Nagu to Rajung Karu via Tsoker Lake and Harlamkongka (small pass 4887 mts) 6 to 7 hours. This morning we will goes through white salted Tsoker lake where will see so many Murmot and the lake full of birds. You will arrive in a beautiful small valley to have lunch. Now we have to cross Harlamkongka an easy climbing. The easy descending will be our camp.

15. päev. 6. 10. Rajung Karu to Geama Sumdo via Kyamayuri La (pass 5410mts) and again a small pass. 7 to 8 hours. The morning warm-up to climb Kyamayuri la some time you may get snow here but ofcourse sun after. The other side valley is beautiful with snow caped mountain. We cross the green valley and again climb over small pass. The foot of this pass will be our tonight camp.

16. päev. 7. 10. Geama Sumdo to Korzok 5 to 6 hours via Yalung Nagu la (pass 5440 mts). From the morning we gently climbing of Yalung Nagu la very easy climbing till top from there you will enjoy the view of Tsomoriri Lake and the great ranges.

17. päev. 8. 10. A free day to walk around the Lakes and visit Nomad Monastery of Korzok.

18. päev. 9. 10. Trekking peak - Mentok Kangri

19. päev. 10. 10. Trekking peak - Mentok Kangri

20. päev. 11. 10. Trekking peak - Mentok Kangri

21. päev. 12. 10. After breakfast drive back to Leh along with Indus valley beautiful villages of indus valley.

22. päev. 13. 10. Leh - Delhi flight

Kõik meist (kaasa arvatud mina) ei kavatse Mentok Kangri (6250 m) otsa ronida. Not everybody of our group has dream to climb Mentok Kangri (6250), including me.

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